Uroš Pajović

László Moholy-Nagy | Komposition Q VIII (1922)
László Moholy-Nagy | Komposition Q VIII (1922)

Uroš Pajović (b. 1993 in Belgrade, Serbia) is currently a Teaching Assistant in first year Studio courses at the University of Belgrade (since September 2013).

Having worked with Kovach.Architects Studio in Belgrade and the Advanced Visualization Lab at the University of Missouri, he often works in furniture design, exhibition design and visual arts. He is the creator and founder of the Belgrader platform.

At the Bauhaus Pavilion Competition organized by the Dessau Institute of Architecture in 2014, he was awarded honorable mention. At the 2013 Remake Festival in Berlin, he was the Open Call Winner and now cooperates with Remake Festival, a maker movement focused on sustainable arts and design. After being awarded the US Department of State Scholarship for 2012/2013 he attended University of Missouri for one academic year.

He holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Belgrade, where he is currently attending the Master of Architecture program. He currently lives in Belgrade, Serbia. He speaks Serbian (SCB languages), English, German and a little bit of French. He writes short stories and poetry and has won several awards for his literary work.

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To get in touch, please use one of the following:
email: urospajovic@gmail.com
linkedin: https://rs.linkedin.com/in/pajovitzsch
facebook: facebook.com/pajovitzsch
telegram: @pajovitzsch
wechat: caopekinze

Download full CV (8 February '16, PDF)

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